Dapper Dinos AMA Recap — Jan 12th, 2022 (Part 1)

Beta Website Revealed

All the Dino Dads attended an AMA for the Mesozoic ages on 1/12/22! I am a current Dapper Dino Holder, #1818. I am fairly new to the community and attended my first town hall on 1/12/2022.

The team has promised to be better at having these AMAs more regularly. They will be attempting to have them weekly. The team in the past has tried to vary the time to accommodate more time zones but are likely going to stick to nights on the east coast for now. Admittedly, this may be inconvenient for Europeans.


Old news for most but Dapper Dinos made a large donation to Girls Who Code at the end of last year. The donation was $300,000! The Girls Who Code mission is something near and dear to the heart of the Dapper Dinos projects. Multiple Dino Dads have baby girls. It is no secret the Tech World is more heavily influenced by men.

The team is finding ways to grow this partnership through more than money. They will be leaning into coding camps. They are looking for any way to contribute to the charity. Whatever Dinos can do to help the Girls Who Code brand.

Paleozoic (Old) News

25 Days of Dinos was a Christmas Giveaway. Dinos had an incredible end of the year, and I wanted to take a moment and thank all who participated during the 25 days of Dinos! $13,000 was donated to very worthy charities! The winners pictured below should check their wallets.

Calendar of Winners

For those who ordered Dino merch, even though they didn’t make it by Christmas. The merch will begin to ship 1/15 through next week. Everyone should expect to receive their merch by 1/22. Digital Pins and NFTs which come with the hoodies will also come the same week. A special access discord zone for pin collectors is currently being set up.

New Website

The team has been working on a website redesign. Like any other software organization, the Dapper Dinos is always iterating and working on improving all aspects of the Dino project. The beta website URL was announced! (UPDATE: The beta website is now shipped so it can be reached with the normal url.)

Beta Website

There are many notable portions to this improved site! First thing people will likely try is to click the Breed tab. This button is disabled currently. It isn’t just your computer which is not working. No need to click fur-iously!

The background animations are engaging. Also, you will find links to all of the official OpenSea accounts to help ensure you do not buy a fake Dino. But, perhaps my favorite portion of the website is the 2022 Roadmap.

2022 Roadmap

I am really excited to see a future roadmap. My frustration with other projects is the roadmap being hidden, or not existing. The team has a full year of roadmap with projected quarters for each feature. There is no exact date because, as any engineer will tell you, an exact timeline does not work for software.

The Quarter One roadmap is full of exciting features. These include tokens, breeding, staking, and a cryptic hatching

Breeding Token

A new token was announced at the AMA. The breeding token rewards everyone holding a Dino at tokenomics release with a free breeding. You will receive one token in your account for each Dino you own. This token can then be used for any breed by any Dino.

Yes! This means you can receive a Breeding Token for a floor Dino and use it on your Karma Dino for the 6th breed. The later breeds are more expensive than the early ones so it will be wise to save it.

Tokens and Breeding

Two Token Economy

Originally, the Dinoverse was planning to have a one token system. However, after talking to other groups who have launched about successes and failures, the team felt it was better to launch with a two token system.

The first token, $fossil, is the governance token. $fossil will allow the holder to have say in he ecosystem. For this reason, the supply of $fossil is capped.

The Diamond Hands Event, which was explained in a past Medium article, is now over. The event ran from November through December. Everyone who qualifies will receive the $fossil promised for the Diamond Hands Event. 88% of Dino holders were “diamond-handsing”.

About 3% of the $fossil supply will go out right away. Again, the team is reaching out to experts and previous groups to determine the best system. The initial supply will be vested to promote a healthy ecosystem.

The final token is $bone. $bone is the utility token. This token will have an uncapped supply. There are many ways to use it at which it will be burned. $bone is rewarded in-game for various different tasks and activitie. including mini-games and the derby.

Also, all three tokens will be an asset on it’s own. It can be bought, sold or traded with other Dino holders.

Dapper Declaration

The team has released a white paper, current name Dapper Declaration, which dives deeper into the details of the economy. Take note, this is released on GitBook. It is available for consumption, but will receive changes over time.


A common question in the discord is “when breeding?” The team has said most of the work for breeding is complete. They are now sprinting to final product in the next 4 weeks. Admittedly, delays have happened due to a combination of the holidays and engineers being sick.

The team is working hard to make sure they nail breeding. They said this is going to be a feature at the higher end of industry standard.

Breeding Facts:

  • L2 implementation to minimize gas fees
  • New Traits will exist only through breeding
  • All the Design-a-trait winners will be breeding only traits
  • Some adult traits will not exist on babies because they may be inappropriate
  • Parents can not breed with direct children
  • Normal Dinos have 5 breeding charges
  • Karma Dinos have an extra breeding charge for 6 total
  • Dino Egg NFTs will follow the Dapper to Dashing system like Gen 1
  • You must have the required amount of each token, and you will need the required native token (MATIC) gas fee to make the transaction.

Breeding can be done by Self-Breeding or in a Breeding pool. Self-Breeding is when you breed two of your own Dinos. Breeding Pool is where dinos can be voluntarily placed. Users set the fee, $fossil + $bone cost, to breed. The user can remove the Dino from the Breeding Pool at any time. Also, there will be some promiscuous, company-provided dinos which will always be available in the Breeding pool.

Breeding Costs

The Cost to breed is subject to fee sharing.

Fee Sharing Breakdown


In Quarter Two, the team plans to deliver the first iteration of the metaverse for Dapper Dinos. Your 3D NFT avators will be able to hangout with other Dinos. Initially, some zones might be closed but this is going to be an area to really build community.

Dinotropolis Sneak Peak

Part Two

This was a long AMA full of features! I will be posting a Part Two tomorrow recapping the AMA. Part Two will include Dino Derby, Dino Dens, the Hatching, and more.


Dapper Dinos Website (Beta Website is now the released version)
Dapper Dinos OpenSea Collection
Dapper Dinos Karma Collective OpenSea Collection
Dapper Dinos Collab Opensea Collection
Twitter Sales Bot
Dune Analytics
Dapper Dinos LitePaper (WhitePaper)

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